Lady Arlene Young, First Lady
The Chosen Vessel Cathedral

Arlene Young was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Neal and Leona Smith. She was saved as a teenager and by age 20 was married to Bishop Richard E. Young of Springfield, Ohio. Their humble beginnings were grounded only on wallet sized photos until Bishop Young relocated to Grand Rapids with his family in 1950.

Lady Young accepted the call on her husbandís life to preach, evangelize, and pastor and now serves as the First Lady of The Chosen Vessel Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas. Along with managing the daily finances of the church, Lady Young also plays an intricate role in the efforts of the Womenís Ministry and heads up the L.O.V.E. Connection (Ministerís & Deacon's Wives).

Through her devotion to a life of prayer and consecration, she has helped bare the weight of her husbandís mantel. As a mother of the church, her love for the saints has increased daily. And though she loves every opportunity to fellowship and to participate in the Vesselís worship experience, her greatest delight lies in the preached word by her husband, her most favorite preacher.

After serving the Body of Christ for most of her life, Lady Young remains sold out for the divine plan of God; at the Vessel and around the world.

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