ACTS Ministry (New Members)
Sis. Debbie Rainbow

Adjutants Ministry
Bro. David Patterson (Bishop Young); and
Sis. Pamela Mooney (Lady Young)

Sis. Dominique Woodard

Audio Ministry

Christian Education Ministry
Evang. Darnisha Buckley

Community Life & Learning Center (Site)
Deacon Horace Young

Culinary Ministry
Sis. Ann Smith

Deacons Ministry
Deacon Isaac Cooper

Family Life Ministry
Deacon Vincent and Sis. April Benn

Food Bank & Clothing Ministry
Sis. Barbara Meadows

Greeters Ministry
Sis. Marilyn Crownover

Health & Wellness Ministry
Brother Pat Winford

Media Ministry
Brother Ken Moody

Men's Ministry
Deacon Leroy Holmes

Ministerial Alliance
Pastor Jon Hatcher
Ministerial Support Staff
Sis. Jackie Estis

Music Ministry (Site)
Min. Myron Williams (Minister of Music);
Min. Baron Poitier (President, Bishop's Choir);
Sis. Whitnye High (Coord., Youth Mime);
Sis. Jessica Green (Coord., Adult Mime);
Sis. Marshari Williams (Coord., Liturgical Dance);
Sis. Ariana Winn (Coord., Flag); and
Pastor Paulette Smith (Coord., Performing Arts)

Outreach Ministry
Pastor Paulette Smith

Prayer Ministry
Evang. Lois Ellis

Sacred Heart's (Seniors Ministry)
Evang. Paula Evans

Security Ministry
Deacon Johnny Jackson

SWAT (Altar Workers)
Dr. Jackie Walton

Usher's Ministry
Sis. Felicia Moody

Women's Ministry (Site)
Sis. Kristian Poitier

Vision's Bookstore
Sis. Valerie Hatcher

Visitation Ministry
Sis. Bennie Morgan

Young Adult/Singles Ministry
Sis. Tiera Hughes

Youth Ministry (ages 6 to 18) (Site)
Min. Baron Poitier
Executive Leadership
Senior Pastor
Bishop Richard E. Young

First Lady
Lady Arlene Young

Lead Executive Pastor
Pastor Jon Hatcher

Asst. Executive Pastor
Pastor Charles Rainbow

Executive Administrator
Bro. Keith Hall

Executive Administrative Assistant
Sis. Jackie Estis

Diverse Ministries at Work
Everyone has to be filled up before they can overflow. Cultivating outflow at TCVC requires taking personal time with Jesus to get filled up. Our array of ministries are designed to help point you to Christ, explore the character of Christ, and reveal the will of Christ for your life.

When Jesus gave his final instructions before ascending into heaven, he laid out a basic approach we can use in equipping people for outflow: First, churchgoers must be continually filled with the Spirit. This means being equipped to find their personal Jerusalem – where they encounter God and grow closer to him. As they witness genuine spiritual power in their own lives, it will flow into relationships with family members and friends.

TCVC ministries are equipping Christians and presenting plenty of opportunities to reach beyond their comfort zones. Help us create an outflow momentum within TCVC, by offering your knowledge and experience to find ways to reach out to the ends of the earth. Together, we can watch more people begin thirsting for the living water they see splashing out all around them. It will get harder and harder not to get swept up and into this life they were destined to live – on Sunday morning and all seven days of the week.
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